Calendar Masterclass for Lawyers

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WHAT: Calendar Masterclass for Lawyers with Dina Cataldo

WHEN: This is a replay of the last Masterclass. You get instant access.

HOW LONG: 60 minutes

This approach works.

The biggest enemies to achieving your goals are

1. Lack of clarity on what you want

2. Inconsistent focus on what you want

3. Not continuing to move forward despite failures

I've worked the 50-70 hour weeks, and I've gone through the stress and anxiety of putting what I want on the back-burner.

After searching high and low for a way to have a legal practice AND a life, I found coaching and some of the skills I'm sharing with you in this Masterclass.

Once you learn these skills, you'll see that you'll not only show up better in your lawyer-life by accomplishing more and feeling more confident, but you'll also...

Build better relationships

We can't separate work and home life. Everything that happens at the office spills into how we connect (or disconnect) from our loved ones. By taking charge of your calendar, you'll see changes in how you can show up and build the relationships you want.

Book better clients

When you shift your identity to a lawyer who has more confidence and knows what you want, you will automatically draw in better clients. Not only that, the clients you do have will learn to communicate with you the way you want them to and respect your time.

Make better money

When you start respecting your time, you begin respecting the practice you're building. My clients implement the principles I'm sharing in the Masterclass with you, and they discover they can: charge for consults, raise rates, say no to clients, build new practice areas that sound fun to them, and more...

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What my clients say about working with me...

calendar masterclass, time management for lawyers

Stop putting out fires and start taking charge of your calendar.

I'll show you how in this Masterclass.


WHAT: Calendar Masterclass for Lawyers with Dina Cataldo

WHEN: Right now

HOW LONG: 60 minutes

You'll also get a special Calendar Masterclass Guide that will help you get your mind right even before we meet Saturday,


1. Who's this for?

The Calendar Masterclass for Lawyers is for...well...lawyers.

Doesn't matter if you have your own practice or you practice for a firm.

I tend to attract ambitious lawyers who want to up-level themselves and how they show up in the world. They're tired of feeling like they're in a grind and can't help but feel they're meant for more.

That was me when I decided to start a business on top of my job as a criminal prosecutor, so you have a special place in my heart.

Lawyers plus ambition often equals stressed out and overwhelmed.

If that sounds like you, then this Masterclass is for you too.

2. My problem isn't using my calendar, it's following through on what I put on it. Is this for me?

YES. The reason you're not following through is because you haven't implemented the first two fundamentals we're covering inthe Masterclass: Identity Change and Brain Management.

Once those two pieces are in place, you're unstoppable.

Without them, following through is stop and go: sometimes you do, sometimes you don't.

3. What if I don't have time?

Time is our most valuable asset, and I won't waste yours. This Masterclass will show you how to make time. Making this 60 minute investment in yourself is how you make more time in your future.

4. Calendars don't work for me. Is this for me?

YES. It's not the calendar, it's your brain management. That's one of the three fundamentals we're covering in the Masterclass. If you're struggling getting things done, and you're pointing the finger at your calendar or the stack of papers in your inbox, this Masterclass is definitely for you.

(Quick coaching for you, how do you know it's your mindset and not your calendar? What do all the calendars and systems you've tried had in common? HINT: you.)

5. None of the systems I've tried have worked before, why would this one be different?

See above. It's not the system, it's your implementation of the three fundamentals I'm talking about in the Masterclass.


WHAT: Calendar Masterclass for Lawyers with Dina Cataldo

WHEN: Right now

HOW LONG: 60 minutes

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